I Need a Kidney Donation Now!

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  1. Jo says:

    Hi friends, .

    In need of a local willing and able KIDNEY DONOR for a B+ patient in the Greater Manila Area (Pangasinan, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Batangas, Zambales) of the PHILIPPINES. Donors SHOULD LIVE WITHIN the Greater Manila Area AND should be able to travel to Manila by bus without hindrance. Donors who are B+ or O+ are welcome.

    If you are interested in donating your kidney, reply back to my e-mail with the following information so we expedite this process:.

    YOUR FULL NAME (on your Philippine identity card):
    ADDRESS (just the city/province – not street):
    MOBILE NUMBER: (+63—–)

    Thank you & God Bless – Jose D. Ramos

    email –

  2. yusuf khan says:

    hi my name is clarie hermosa iam from taguig, manila, 31 years old my blood group is b+ my filipino kidney for sale pls contact my mail id jaymanvim21@gmail.com

  3. sangita says:

    Hi I’m jayson dorotayo 28 yrs i would my sale my kidney urgent for my wife one big reason to sale my kidney because my wife to continues studying for midwifering my parents is not there to support my financial problem and i decide to sale my kidney. plz accept my one big problem tnx…. my email add… nikkojay658@yahoo.com call me @ 09063644311 Kidney price 150,000 philippine currency 3,000 US dollars

  4. abraham marquez says:

    hi my name is abraham o. marquez,
    aged 32, 68kgs, stay in bicol,
    i am a Filipino selling kidney online willing
    my blood group is O+.
    contact me via email: dulipalla@gmail.com

  5. Dangis says:

    I’m 23 years old European citizen looking for someone to buy my B blood group kidney. Email id d88dan88@gmail.com

  6. linda says:

    Hi I am Linda Esguerra Female 32yrs from Samar,
    i am blood group O+, I want to kidney selling philippines to help any kidney related patients. who will as a return help me back by compensating me.
    i got a deep financial mess which i need some money to resolve. any kind heated and serous kidney recipient should contact me +639848153737. My position is not good.I want this money for good thing only. thank u

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